To the visitors of “World Cosplay Summit 2019 in TOKYO”
For every participant of WCS to be able to safely enjoy the event, there are a few favors we would like to ask.

WCS is an event made up of the cooperation of many people. For the event to be enjoyed safely, there is also an aspect where rules must be set. To prevent any accidents or incidents, please read the terms and conditions prior to the event, and be kind and considerate to each other upon joining the event.

Rule in changing room

Prohibited matters in changing room.
– DO NOT change in public spaces or bathrooms.
– Photo/video shooting (including cell phones and other devices).
– Leaving baggage.
– Resting and meeting.
– Actions likely to stain or damage changing rooms(e.g hair coloring/dyeing spray, fake blood and others).
– Using electric outlets
– Bringing dangerous props such as knives, swords, or firearms.

Rule in changing room
– Please be punctual.
– Please make room for other cosplayers.
– Please keep the valuable to yourself. Since the event organizers are not responsible for any damages, thefts and losses in the event, please carefully control for yourself.
– Cosplayers of ten years and over cannot use changing room for different gender.
– Please feel free to ask staff members any questions.

Prohibited matters in cosplay area
– Wearing or having large costume and props over 2 meters highs or 1meter wide.
If they could be taken apart, large costume and props are available.
– Outfits that emulate the current police/Self Defence Force/firefighter/security guard uniforms.
– Excessively revealing costumes(please wear a layer over your costume on the way)
– Making unnecessary swings with dangerous-seeming props or pointing them at other people.
– Be sure to keep all long and/or dangerous-seeming props and costume parts covered or remove them in a bag while walking.
– Entering a store or restaurant that is outside of the event space while still in cosplay except “Cosplayer Friendly Store/Shop”

Moral Code (Other Cautions and Instructions)
– If wearing a long dress, long tail and other long props, please don’t trail them.
– If wearing large costume, please avoid harming and causing trouble to the people around you.
– If wearing helmet, eye bandage and other items that could block your view, please put off them while walking.

Cosplay Rules

On the day of the event, we ask you to please follow the staff instructions and use your best judgment. In the event of any disruptive or illegal behavior, we will report to the appropriate organization and refuse the person from entering any future events held by WCS. In cases where these requests cannot be understood, we may take measures such as removing the person from the venue, confiscation of film, equipment and memory cards, and refuse admission of the person to the event thereafter.

The terms and conditions are divided into two parts of “WCS Rules” which note prohibited matters, and “WCS Morales” which note requests and cautionary matters.

* Regarding Registration
Persons that will not cosplay but want to take photographs of cosplayers must also purchase event participation tickets.

■Prohibited Matters

The matters listed below are prohibited in this event. In cases where these prohibited matters are conducted, we may deny your attendance to the event.

●To All Participants
– Act of entering private houses and private land
– Act of entering prohibited areas, shrubs or flower beds
– Unauthorized business activities, unauthorized distribution of flyers and unauthorized interviews and donations including questionnaires, and touting such as scouting at the event
– Photo shooting with the lens facing inside or near the entrance of the bathrooms or changing rooms
– Act of making disruptive noises
– Act of not obeying warnings or instructions made by the event staff

●To All Cosplayers
– Use of bloodstains, violent expressions such as blood and bruises
Since this is an event held in a public area, please make sure to use expressions that will not disturb or shock younger aged people.
– Excessive skin exposure, costumes that may cause discomfort to other customers
Since this is an event held in a public area, please be careful not to expose too much and go against morals. If the event staff judges that there is excessive skin exposure, the event staff may come to speak to you, so please follow the instructions of the event staff.
– Act of exposing underwear or clothing that looks like underwear
– Wearing of uniforms and military uniforms that are actually used, regardless of current or historical (including police uniforms, etc.)
It is fine for you to create costumes of [fictional design] that appear in manga and anime on your own, but it is forbidden to substitute what appeared in the work with [actual uniforms that existed in Japan]. In particular, preparing current police uniforms or equivalent uniforms will be prohibited because it may cause unneeded anxiety around you.
We will prohibit costumes that may give offensive feelings or misunderstandings to other people, such as military uniforms where the character is not established, and costumes with a swastika.
– Wearing and using of the following costumes, props, etc.
— Costumes and props banned under the “Anti-Nuisance Ordinance,” “Petty Offense Law,” and “Firearms and Swords Control Law” (carrying is also prohibited)
— Decorations that may cause injuries to others, such as long and sharp thorns
— Things that may damage or stain the venue, such as sprays, paints, non-dried bloodstain paste, waraji straw sandals without a sole lining, etc.
— Edged tools (including imitation swords), dangerous materials that can be used as weapons, fires, and other dangerous props (carrying is also prohibited)
— Fireable arms such as air guns and electric guns
— If you are to use a model gun or an equivalent item, be sure to cover the muzzle and remove all bullets from the inside and use it as a prop.
— Things that may damage the venue, such as spike shoes and boots with metal soles
– Act of carelessly swinging weapons or objects that are potentially dangerous or directing them to a person
To ensure that there will be no risk of injury to the general public, and additionally, because there is a possibility that seeing a weapon (imitations included) being held by a person may cause anxiety to others, be sure to cover any weapons or long objects that you possess upon moving.
– Use of props other than for photo shooting poses such as long objects, firearms, rackets, balls
When doing cosplay shooting with props, please do not swing, kick, or throw, so that there is no risk of injury to other participants.
– Wig cutting while participating in the event
Please do it in advance at home or other places so as not to dirty the venue or changing rooms.
– Waiting inside the changing room to meet with others
As changing rooms are used by many cosplayers on the day of the event, please decide on a different location to wait for others after leaving the changing rooms.
– Changing clothes and doing makeup in public places and bathrooms
– Climbing trees, unstable structures, or anything else that you should not step on
– Act of surround shooting at places other than designated areas
– Upon moving between the changing room and the venue, passing routes other than the designated route, photo shooting while moving, and entering stores while cosplaying
– Entering a restaurant or store in the venue that is not permitted to enter while cosplaying
Here are the restaurants and stores in the venue where you can enter while cosplaying.

●To All Photographers
– Use of tripods/reflector boards (or equivalent items) outside designated areas
Since this is an event held in a public area, we will prohibit the occupying of space with the use of tripods and reflector boards. When taking a picture using a tripod or putting down your luggage, please be careful not to obstruct the path of other people.
— Photo shooting using a tripod at the Gallery AaMo Back Passage and the illuminated stairs at the Geopolis is prohibited.
— Entering the LaQua Zone or Hi! EVERYVALLEY with a tripod is prohibited.
– Photo shooting in a passage or in front of a door, in front of store entrances, in areas outside cosplay permitted area, or potentially dangerous places such as inside shrubbery
– Act of surround shooting at places other than designated areas
– Posing that exposes underwear, shooting from an excessively low angle
– Transparent photography such as by infrared rays
– Traveling and moving while shooting videos (excludes interview pass holders)
– Photo shooting with the use of drones
– Sneak photography, photo shooting a person without their consent

■About Morals in WCS (Requests and Cautionary Matters)

●To All Participants
– Both the World Cosplay Summit and the venue will not be responsible for any disadvantages or accidents caused by photo shooting or exchanges at the event.
Both the World Cosplay Summit and the venue will not be responsible for troubles that occur between the participants, so please settle the problems among the concerned people.
– As the inside of the venue is expected to be very crowded, please be careful not to become a disruption to your surroundings while carrying and transporting luggage.
— Please make sure not to put valuables such as your wallet or credit card in the luggage storage area or cloak, but to manage them on your own and keep them to yourself.
— Luggage tags and stubs are required to exchange with your luggage. Please be careful not to lose it.
— You cannot organize your luggage in the luggage storage area, as it may be mistaken for theft.
— When taking photo shoots, keep an eye on your personal belongings and be careful of pickpockets and luggage theft.
— It is prohibited to leave luggage at the venue. The staff may collect it as a lost item. Also, please do not use your luggage to occupy chairs and tables, or leave luggage so that it may obstruct the aisle.
— The organizer or the venue cannot bear any responsibility even if items are lost, damaged or stolen inside the event site.
– Some rides may not be available temporarily or for the entire day, depending on the weather, maintenance, etc. In addition, when going on a ride, we may keep part of the costume and props as needed to prevent danger.
– In case of an emergency, follow the instructions of the staff and act calmly and do not panic.
– Please be aware that there may be various shootings and video recordings such as by official photographers and media coverage, and the participants may be exposed and posted on TV, newspapers, magazines, web, etc.
– Please do not occupy a table or chair in shared spaces for a long time or sit on the floor.
– The LaQua Zone is accessible via the Viking Zone underground passage and Hakusan Dori.
– Please smoke at the designated smoking areas. All areas outside smoking areas are non-smoking areas.
– The staff is patrolling the venue at all times. Please follow staff instructions.
– Underage drinking and smoking are prohibited by law.
– We will report to the police all nuisance acts, violence/dangerous acts and vandalism which occurs in the venue, regardless of it being caused by the general public or participants of the event, and we will remove the person from the event. If you witness such a scene or suffer any damage, please contact the staff near you.
– Children of ages 10 and older should use the changing rooms of their own gender. (The staff may come to speak to you at their discretion on the day)
– Please do not come to the venue late at night or early in the morning
Entry is prohibited to the Dome City from 1:00 AM to 4:30 AM. Also, please refrain from arriving more than one hour before the start of the information desk because it will be a nuisance to other neighboring people.
– Please do not ruin the children’s dreams.
When participating in the event, please refrain from taking any action that would damage the character’s image. (Example: Drinking alcohol, smoking, etc. while cosplaying as a hero or anime character)

●To All Cosplayers
– For those who will participate in cosplaying, the organizer has prepared changing rooms, so please purchase the changing room ticket corresponding to the changing room, change clothes in the relevant changing room and have your costumes and props checked, and receive a cosplay participation pass .
In addition, if you will secure a dressing area by yourself in a nearby hotel etc. upon participating in the event, please purchase a “cosplay participation ticket ” that does not have the right to use the official changing room, receive a check by the staff at the dedicated reception desk, and receive a cosplay participation pass .
– If you are moving while cosplaying, such as when going back and forth to the changing room, if your costume is exposed, please take care of the surroundings and reduce exposure, such as by wearing a jacket.
– Please avoid group performance, moving as a group, and behaving in groups outside of photo shooting while cross-dressing as a female or in costumes where others may feel intimidation or discomfort (such as special forces). In addition, please be considerate of others and prepare clothing that hides the costume when not photo shooting.
– Please put away all electronic devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras, music players, etc. in your hand baggage inside the bathroom and changing rooms. At the discretion of the staff, we may check the baggage of the participants.
– When wearing short skirts and kimonos, please wear something to hide the skin, such as leggings.
– When men do cross-dressing cosplay, please be careful not to ruin the character image.
— Remove exposed body hair such as armpit hair, leg hair, and beards (does not apply to head hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes)
— Do not cross-dress with a buzz cut or crew cut, but make sure to wear a wig or something equivalent
— Avoid exposing bare legs and wear tights, stockings, leggings, etc.
– Upon cosplaying in the following costumes, please consider your surroundings with your own judgment. Also, for excessive costumes, staff may withhold your participation in the event with their own discretion.
— Costumes with excessively sharp tips
— Costumes with long hems which make walking difficult
— Extremely long props that may cause harm to people around you (please be mindful of your surroundings such as by putting the props in a bag or case when not photo shooting)
* Props with a length of 100 cm or more, props imitating a dangerous item such as a model gun, and tripods are prohibited to be carried inside the LaQua Zone and Hi!EVERYVALLEY.
— Mascot costumes that can cause dehydration
– Regarding action restrictions for hero cosplay costumes
Until the show ends around 16:30 (there is a possibility that times may be changed due to the circumstances of the show), please refrain from staying inside the Geopolis and the Geopolis entrance passage and shaking hands, taking photos etc. with the general public in special effects hero costumes such as hero rangers.
*The applicable characters (with some exceptions) are based on the . In addition, even if the costumes are of other characters, the staff may come to speak to you at their discretion.

To All Photographers
– When photo shooting, please make sure to obtain consent from the subject person. In particular, shooting strictly in a way that bothers the cosplayer, such as upskirting, sneak photography, body contact at the time of pose specification, and specification of a pose unrelated to the character is strictly prohibited. If such an act is found, we will promptly report to the responsible police station. In addition, if you suffer from or witness such activity, please do not condone it and inform the nearby staff.
– Please receive consent from the subject person before all body contact such as when specifying a pose for photo shooting, shaking hands, and having a picture together.
– When deciding to upload to the network or posting to media such as magazines or books, make sure that you receive permission from the subject person.
The staff members may check the shooting content at their own discretion.
– It is strictly prohibited to use the photographed material for commercial use and for commercial purposes without permission of the organizer (whether individual or corporate).
– When entering a store or area while photo shooting, please obtain the permission of the manager in advance.
– Using a radio-controlled flash trigger (radio slave) without a “technical conformity mark” may cause a violation of the Radio Law, so for wireless devices, please check the “technical conformity mark” before use.
– Please refrain from occupying the shooting place for an extended period of time. In some cases, staff or security guards may come to speak to you.
– Please do not photo shoot using large-sized equipment that may obstruct the path.
– Please do not use oversize telephoto lenses to avoid injury to the general public.

■Regarding the Rules of Participation for Cosplay Costumes and Props (Including Weapons)

– In order for the general public to be able to believe that it is safe and secure, please conduct as much weight saving and incapacitation as possible.
Incapacitation means using or processing into harmless material. Please use toys as a reference.
(Bad example) The blade (or all the corresponding parts used to damage the opponent as a weapon) is metal.
(Bad example) Iron pipes and wooden swords
(Bad example) Sharply processed plastic or silicone.
(Good example) A blade made of a safe material that looks like metal. A prop that looks like a wooden sword but is weight saved and incapacitated.
(Good example) A metal or wood is used as the core of the handle, and the outside is covered with safe material and incapacitated.
(Good example) A model gun in which the muzzle is completely closed, the power is turned off, and bullets are not loaded. Self-made props without a launch mechanism.

– We ask for your cooperation so that the general public is given enough consideration.
(Bad example) Holding an object and swinging it around. Moving around.
(Good example) Cover the object with a safe cover except when photo shooting.
(Good example) When crowded, stop photo shooting and cover it.

We ask for your cooperation when the patrolling police and staff ask for confirmation. There are times when the prop is made too well that it is mistaken for a real item. In those cases, we apologize for the fact that we will be interrupting the photo shooting each time, but please understand that the number of times you will be spoken to will increase.

* If the above rules cannot be followed, we will remove the person from the event or report to a public institution, etc. at the discretion of the staff.
Event participants will be treated as if they have agreed to the above terms and conditions.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.